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✔ Cloud File Sharing & Storage
✔ In-Person Dedicated Masternode Monitoring APP For IOS & Android
✔ Betting Platform ✔ Gaming Marketplace

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What is Cloudnode v2 Project?

Cloudnode v2 Project is drived by a well trusted development and administration team over years. We believe in all round transparency when it comes to Investment in Crypto Assets.
For this, we have developed The most transperent Hosting & Monitoring Platform, offering several applications for Cryptocurrency within H & M :

ZCore APP Wallet
CDS APP Wallet

Send and receive CDS in a simple, uncomplicated way and in the palm of your hand. The smart wallet revolution of cryptocurrency on your iOS and Android smartphone.

CDS H & M System

The complete platform for your Masternode. Fast Install MN + Dashboard + Monitoring + Multiple Coins + Notifications (everything for $0.99/month pay in CDS).
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Cloud File Storage & Sharing

Why waste valuable storage space on your PC or phone when you can store your documents and media in the cloud and share it across devices? After a Fixed Free space allocation You can buy Cloud Space with CDS.

H & M Mobile APP
Now you Manage your Crypto Assets with H & M Mobile APP, We are going to create a global Cryptowallet platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. A listing fee applicable in CDS for Listing of any crypto project on H & M Mobile APP. UNDER DEVELOPMENT

Blockchain Technology

CloudNode (CDS) is 100% open source, with PoS (Proof-of-Stake)and Masternodes onX11 algorithm Structured in a robust network with Masternodes and reward of 4800 CDS and staking reward 1200 CDS per mined block every 60 seconds.

Fast and Safe

Cloudnode [ CDS ] is a cryptocurrency with a secure network to perform online transactions via InstantSend and PrivateSend with maximum speed and security.

Technical Information

Coin name: Cloud Node v2
Ticker: CDS
Algorithm: X11 MN/POS
Reward per block: 6000 CDS
Block time: 60 seconds
Masternode Collateral: 10,000,000 CDS
Block Reward Distribution: 80% Masternode / 20% Staking
Availability of InstantSend , PrivateSend & Multi-Send

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  • Stage 1 - Release


    Genesis block Created ✔
    Disclosure to the Community ✔
    Windows & Linux Wallets ✔
    Telegram ✔
    Block Explorer ✔

  • Stage 2


    ✔ Masternodes Activation
    ✔ Listing in Exchanges (CryptoBridge)
    ✔ Listing in
    ✔ Listing in CoinLib
    ✔ Airdrops on discord
    ✔ Advertising
    ✔ InstantSend and PrivateSend Activation

  • Stage 3


    Advertising in Bitconf
    Advertising in
    Hosting & Monitoring Platform Launch
    New Block Explorer

  • Stage 4


    Adding USD pair on Cryptobridge
    Listing on
    Launch of Wallet H & M (Android and iOS)
    Releasing of Cloud File storage and file sharing Platform

  • Stage 5


    Listing on MasternodeCoins
    Beta version of H & M beting platform
    website of Masternode Hosting with hosting plans
    Team expansion


Mobile Wallet

Check balance, prices and transfer your crypto added in your H & M Mobile APP.

H & M Mobile APP

Desktop Wallet (v3.0.0.1-8a8b392-dirty)

Windows (64 bits)
Windows (32 bits)
Linux[ Daemon and cli ]


CloudNode V2 Masternodes Installation

Shell script to install a [Cloudnode Masternode]on a Linux server running Ubuntu 16.04 This script will install Cloudnode.

In order to have a Masternode, it is necessary to keep 10,000,000 CDS in an own wallet linked to the Masternode and server with fixed IP.
Step 1 ► git clone
Step 2 ► cd cds-mn-installer
Step 3 ► chmod -R 755
Step 4 ► bash
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Cloudnode v2 Community

Join CDS to share ideas and knowledge with people from around the world and help growing the cryptocurrency.


Buy and sell CDS in Exchanges.

Meet Our Core Team

Founder / CEO
Lead Blockchain Developer
PHP/HTML/GFX Developer.
Prashant Singh
Blockchain Developer / Marketing Expert / Client Handling.